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Bashing the Sicilian with Bb5 - Vol 1 (DVD)  -  ChandlerBetter Chess Now

Let renowned author, television commentator, and Grandmaster Danny King help you to play better chess, NOW! Whether you are looking for strategy, attacking, calculation or ending improvement, there is something for you here.

20:20 Calculation - King (70 mins)
Attack with Confidence - King (70 mins)
Endings: The Essentials - King (75 mins)
Positional Inspiration - King (65 mins)

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Improve Your Chess Now

An excellent series aimed at self improvement for the club player. Combining the precision of Mednis, the enthusiasm of Wolff and the flamboyance of Kopec these DVD's do exactly what they say on the tin.

How To Visualise Chess Combos - Kopec (120 mins)
How To Analyse A Chess Position - Kopec (121 mins)
Pawn Structures & How To Play Them - Kopec (120 mins)
Opening Pawn Structures: Volume 1 - Kopec (119mins)
Opening Pawn Structures: Volume 2 - Kopec (122 mins)
King and Pawn Endgames - Mednis (108 mins)
Rook and Pawn Endgames - Mednis (114 mins)
Middlegame Analysis - Mednis (120 mins)
Tactics: Middle & Endgame - Mednis (120 mins)
Defence and Counterattack - Wolff (116 mins)
How to Play Winning Attacks - Wolff (105 mins)
Middlegame Planning - Wolff

Buy from: http://www.chess.co.uk/






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