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Chess Book Reviews

My Best Games:
by Victor Korchnoy, Edition Olms, Zurich 2001. Two volumes at £19.99 each.

For over 50 years, Victor Korchnoi has been one of the world's leading players, and at the age of 76 is still going strong. These two volumes of his best games were eagerly awaited. One book contains a selection of games with White, the other volume his games with Black.

Probably the greatest player not to win the World Championship, Korchnoi has produced a fascinating selection of his games from 1951 to 2000. According to Korchnoi, they were chosen both for their fighting chess and because they were representative of his play over those 50 years.

"And one more thing. Chess is my life and these games are fragments of my life. And, naturally, I wanted to accompany each such fragment with a conversation with chess enthusiasts."

Fighting chess and personal insights from the great man. This reader certainly was not bored.



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